Industrial cleaning agent manufacturers tell you how to choose metal oil cleaning agent

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Now there are a lot of metal products in use, there will be wear or stains. This requires the usemetal cleaning agentIt can be a good cleaning metal material surface oil problem. Below letIndustrial cleaning agent manufacturersTell you how to chooseMetal oil cleaning agent.
Know the composition and type of oil stain cleaned before selection, according to the type of metal oil stain andThe main classification of industrial metal cleaning agent, choose the appropriatemetal cleaning agentFor example, the types of oil on auto parts are mainly coke in nature, anti-rust oil, lubricating oil, grease, rust, worker's sweat and other liquid residues. Avoid corrosion of mechanical parts and equipment caused by cleaning agents. In the machinery industry, due to special requirements, the composition of the workpiece is different, such as copper, lead, zinc, etc., these parts are most susceptible to corrosion. For example, precision instruments, meters, accessories and other materials are more sensitive to the workpiece will have certain requirements for the corrosion resistance of the cleaning agent. Centralized cleaning of parts, choose the appropriate proportion, with the increase of cleaning concentration, and the corresponding increase, and improve the decontamination capacity. The general cleaning concentration, the cleaning parts show that the decontamination ability of the parts is not obvious, when the concentration reaches a certain level, the decontamination ability will increase. Know how to master the temperature of metal industrial cleaning agents. There is a heating process in the cleaning process, during which the decontamination ability will gradually become stronger. But more than a certain temperature limit, then the cleaning agent decontamination capacity will be reduced, and finally lose the ability to decontamination.
Cleaning agent can be used in a variety of metal parts, the use of time depends on the pollution of parts. In recent years, metal cleaning agent has gradually been widely used, it can be a good substitute for diesel, kerosene and gasoline to clean parts, and cheap, safe to use, very suitable for mechanized cleaning operations. It can be used for metal washing without rust spots, which is called metal cleaning agent.
About the role of metal cleaning agent object
1. Super water absorption and degreasing ability: it can quickly remove various vehicle lubricants, edible oils, animal oils and vegetable oils
2. Super automatic degreasing ability: no heating and mixing conditions, such as automatic rapid degreasing and degreasing
3, super penetration emulsification ability: no heating stirring conditions, such as can quickly penetrate into any corner, emulsification, let the grease nowhere to hide.
4, It is acid, alkali and hard water, neutral detergent, does not hurt the hand.