What about technical dry goods and bearings that use antirust oil and return to rust?

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China's existing bearing manufacturers tens of thousands of, in the world belongs to the production of bearing power and export power. However, some bearing manufacturers have corroded the bearings after using the anti-rust oil for 2-3 months, or even a few days later.


Because the bearing rust caused by the compensation case is not a few!

Q:A company sent a batch of high-precision bearings overseas last year. Before leaving the port, there was no problem with all the parameters. The packaging went to sea. One month later, the customer replied that the goods were rejected because of abnormal quality. Before entering the warehouse, there is no problem with all the indicators. The customer has also tested the samples. How can there be any problem?


A: The product was sent back and looked intently: It turned out that the bearing was rusty!


The anti-rust homework was not done enough. The product drifted at sea for a month. The water vapor on the sea surface accelerated the corrosion of the product. In addition, the freight forwarding company had poor transportation and the outer package was damaged, resulting in tiny rust spots. Although the rust spot is small, the transportation fee, port detention fee, product inspection fee and return fee are a big loss!


In addition, there are many companies have product inventory, customers small batch, multi-batch delivery, product regulation in the warehouse, also easy to cause product rust. When the goods are to be delivered, when the products are rusted, they will be removed and prevented from rust again, which is another large amount of time and labor loss!


Therefore, the anti-rust of the bearing is not only rust-proof during its use, but also rust-proof during its production and before storage.



Rust prevention management between processes

Metal in the process of processing often contact with dust, moisture and acid mist and other atmospheric environment will rust, and after heat treatment, residual salt cleaning is not clean, pickling, acid printing liquid cleaning and incomplete, demagnetization is not clean with grinding wheel, iron dust, hand sweat, etc. are very easy to cause bearing corrosion. Therefore, to ensure that the workpiece in the processing process will not cause loss, to stay in the process of bearing parts must take effective anti-rust measures.


(1) Establish an anti-rust library, adopt a mechanical spray method, spray 2-3 times each time, 10-15 minutes each time, and focus on anti-rust treatment of bearing parts.


(2) Clean all kinds of anti-rust equipment regularly, prepare anti-rust liquid, cleaning liquid and cooling water strictly according to the process, test and adjust regularly, and replace them on schedule.


(3) The bearing parts to be inspected and ground shall be demagnetized first, cleaned with cleaning liquid, and then put into storage for rust prevention.


(4) After pickling or writing acid characters, the bearing parts must be cleaned, neutralized completely, and then treated with anti-rust water.


(5) It is forbidden to use cooling water, cleaning liquid to wash hands, wash rags, etc., to ensure the cleanliness and performance of the liquid, and to extend the life of the liquid.


(6) Do a good job in civilized production, ensure environmental sanitation, and eliminate hidden dangers of corrosion.


Rust prevention management of finished bearing

The finished bearing is sealed and packaged after being coated with anti-rust oil, which can avoid being affected by the atmospheric environment during storage and transportation, causing rust and mildew spots, and affecting the performance.


1. The finished bearings are mechanically sprayed with kerosene twice, mechanically sprayed with anti-rust and lubricating dual-purpose oil, and sealed with polyethylene.


2. Before kerosene spraying and anti-rust and lubricating dual-purpose oil spraying, filter with filter elements that meet the process requirements to ensure the cleanliness of the finished bearing. The oil tank and machine tool shall be thoroughly cleaned once a month.


3. When inspectors and assembly personnel contact finished parts and bearings, liquid gloves should be coated to avoid rust caused by hand sweat.


4. Handle the finished bearing gently during handling and storage to avoid package damage.


5. The assembly room and the finished bearing storage room shall be dry, clean and free of pollution sources.


Method of applying anti-rust oil

1. Soaking method: some small items are soaked in anti-rust grease to make the surface adhere to a layer of anti-rust grease. Oil film thickness can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the anti-rust grease.


2, brush coating method: used for outdoor construction equipment or special shape products that are not suitable for soaking or spraying. When brushing, attention should be paid not only to avoid accumulation, but also to prevent leakage.


3, spray method: some large rust can not be used to dip the oil, generally with about 0. 7Mpa pressure of filtered compressed air in the air clean place for spraying. Spray method applicable solvent dilution typeanti-rust oilorthin layer antirust oilHowever, perfect fire prevention and labor protection measures must be adopted.


What are the main factors that affect metal corrosion?

Metal corrosion is caused by a variety of internal and external factors, summed up mainly:


1, the chemical composition and structure of the metal material itself;


2. Metal surface finish;


The composition and pH of the solution in contact with the metal surface;


4. Ambient temperature and humidity;


5. Various environmental media in contact with the metal surface.