Use of oil stain cleaning agent with purchasing experience

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There are many kinds of oil cleaning agents on the market, and many enterprises do not know which one to choose.Oil stain cleaning agent brand, onoil stain cleaning agentWhich one is better? Or fromCleaning agent manufacturersProduction scale, service timeliness and other overall inspection. In fact, RuiSiBo is good, specializing in the production of environmental protectionIndustrial cleaning agent. Among themoil stain cleaning agentThe use effect is especially good, the following small editor to introduce to youGQ-600 heavy oil cleaning agentThe use of methods in various scenarios.

heavy oil cleaning agentMethod of use
1. For machine tools:
Strong oil removal
Cleaning with stock solution can be carried out by spraying and scrubbing. For severe solidified oil stains, brush can be used to scrub back and forth once. After spraying the product evenly, the cleaning operation will be carried out after it is dissolved for 1-3 minutes, which is convenient and will not waste too much product (Note: After the machine tool is cleaned, scrub the residual surfactant on the machine tool with a wet cloth)
2. For metal workpieces
Can be used to spray brush or soak or use ultrasonic equipment to heat about 60 degrees cleaning effect is the best, so that the old metal workpiece look new
For workshop oil cleaning agent
When in use, clear water can be released according to the degree of soiling: diluted by 3%-10% times, and the proportion of severe oil pollution should be increased appropriately, because there are many kinds of oil pollution.

heavy oil cleaning agentScope of application
Can clean all kinds of processing machinery, machine tools, terrazzo, epoxy floor and other industrial oil cleaning.
Can look at our customers, the use of oil cleaning agent real feedback