Aluminum moldy how to do?

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In the die-casting aluminum industry, the oxidation of aluminum alloy die castings is commonly known as "mildew", "mildew", "mold powder" and "surface mildew". Not only does it cause a lot of waste, but it also causes problems such as late delivery or mold-stained products at the customer's office. From the surface, it looks like white velvet, just like everyday things are moldy, and after wiping away, small gray-black spots appear below. This is actually the phenomenon of oxidation of aluminum. Next, we first analyze the reasons for the oxidation of die-casting aluminum:
Aluminum is an active metal, which is easily oxidized under certain temperature and humidity conditions, that is, mildew. Therefore, the inventory of aluminum parts must be kept dry in the inventory environment.
2. After die casting and machining processes, many manufacturers do not do any cleaning treatment or simply flush with water, so that aluminum cleaning will leave many dirt on the surface of die casting aluminum, such as mold release agent, cutting fluid, saponification solution, etc. These are corrosive substances that lead to accelerated mold growth of aluminum alloy die castings.
  3、Cleaning agentThe choice will also affect the die-casting aluminum mold, now very popular "aluminum acid removal" and other acidic cleaning agents, in addition to the ability to remove wool, while the aluminum oxide white, in fact, should not be used cleaning agent. "Aluminate removal" component is mainly acid, through the chemical reaction with the aluminum substrate to release gas, gas generated from the surface of the workpiece so that the oil dirt and workpiece separation. On the surface, it is very useful, but in fact, the product has been corroded off a layer. If the subsequent rinsing is not complete, there will be a lot of acidic substances remaining on the aluminum parts, and direct corrosion will oxidize the aluminum parts. In addition, some people use alkalineCleaning agentBecause die-casting aluminum not only has aluminum elements, but also silicon, copper, magnesium and other elements, of which silicon content is more. Silicon element makes aluminum parts have strong adsorption force to alkaline cleaning agents, especially phosphorus-based alkali additives, which makes the subsequent rinsing unable to be thorough, and the oxidation corrosion of alkali to aluminum is relatively slow to acid, so it is generally found slowly. Therefore, the cleaning of die-cast aluminum parts is recommended to use the neutral of Risbo.Cleaning agent for aluminum, it does not have any acid or alkaline substances, yesAluminum CleaningWithout any effect, and easy to rinse, no residue.
Analysis of common treatment methods for aluminum cleaning agents:
1. Oxidation and mildew affected by inventory environment. Generally, due to different placement positions and different height, the oxidation quantity is different. According to this phenomenon, whether the inventory is poor can be analyzed.
General finished aluminum parts should be sealed and packaged to prevent substances in the air from affecting storage and oxidation. If it is cleaned aluminum parts, be sure to dry. Bags must be thoroughly dried.
3, unless there are special requirements, do not use acidic cleaning agent. And do not listen to the use of alkaline cleaning agents will not affect, the impact of alkaline is relatively slow.
4, some manufacturers recommend the use of passivation film and other processes, in fact, do a good job of inventory environmental management, cleaning links, aluminum itself can be resistant to preservation.

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