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Jiangxi piston engine cleaning agent to choose which?
Most users of industrial cleaning agents in Jiangxi do not know how to choose a cleaning agent manufacturer. In fact, there are many cleaning agent manufacturers, but they just think which cleaning agent manufacturer can buy a safe and secure cleaning agent. Many companies that need cleaning agents have chosen Ruisibo. Which cleaning agent manufacturer does the engine piston cleaning agent wholesale choose? Among them, Jiangxi Provincial Traffic Engineering Group purchased RSB-102D precision metal cleaning agent of Ruisibo.
I don't know which cleaning agent manufacturer to choose, Risbo has something to say.
Why does everyone dare not use the cleaning agent on the Internet casually? Among them, Jiangxi cleaning agent users said that the quality of the cleaning agent they bought before was not good, but the cleaning agent bought in Ruisibo has been used since the past few years. Because of the cleaning effect and environmental protection, it is friendly to the environment. After the purchase of cleaning agent, choose Resbo.
This product can be used in engine piston cleaning agent, which is the RSB-102D precision metal cleaning agent used in a locomotive depot train.
Processing Part Name: Piston
Material: steel, aluminum
Applicable industries: train, car engine
Customer's current cleaning equipment, processes and processes:
After one or two years of operation, the piston of the locomotive depot train has accumulated heavy carbon and oil pollution. The cleaning equipment is an ultrasonic cleaning machine, two tanks, one for cleaning and the other for rinsing. According to the solubility of 5%, the cleaning equipment is heated to 60-80 degrees, the cleaning time is 10-20 minutes, and the rinsing is completed for 1-2 minutes.
Note: If the product is steel parts, but also pay attention to the problem of rust. Generally, after the oil stain is washed in the cleaning tank, a bucket of RSB-606 water-based antirust agent is added to the rinsing tank to prevent the product from rusting, and all-aluminum parts are not needed, depending on the material.
RSB-102D precision metal cleaning agent is mainly made of imported high-quality surfactants, strong emulsifiers, penetrants, solubilizers and deionized water. Does not contain heavy metals, nitrite and other controlled substances, biodegradable, improve working conditions, prevent environmental pollution.
Features: product neutral, especially suitable for heavy oil, sludge cleaning, do not hurt the material, safety, environmental protection;
Has a strong penetration, dispersion, solubilization, emulsification;
Fast dissolution, low foam, anti-static, easy to rinse.